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Hello, gorgeous. Let me capture you in your element. Let me curate a "day in the life of" YOU series to fill your social media feed and generate web content that you can be proud of


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You are a dynamic, interesting, unique and GORGEOUS human and your BRAND is more than just you smiling in front of a studio backdrop, unsure of what to do with your hands  (no offence to studio sessions - they are phenomenal and the lighting is flawless)

Let's put you in your element, where you get your best work done, where you do your brainstorming, where you feel most alive,  and watch you shine. You are the brand, and we will capture any and all elements that make you YOU.


What or who are branding sessions good for?

Anyone who has a business with an online presence! Do you have a LinkedIn? Instagram? Website? Let's take some amazing, eye-catching and flattering photos for your sites. 


My business isn't one I need to show my face for, so why would I need branding photos?

Some businesses, like realtors, commonly display their faces, but you don't have to be a realtor to show your face! No matter what your biz is, getting personal and showing face garners business. Besides, branding sessions can showcase your workplace, work products or services too!


What if I just want one picture?

For real, a lot of people ask this and THINK that they only want or need one picture, so I DO offer this, but trust me - you want more!

I offer planning sessions to build content weeks or months ahead


What if I'm really awkward/inexperienced in front of the camera?

Not to worry, 97.5% of people feel this way about themselves and I will make sure you feel confidence busting from the seams and have so much FUN that you forget there's a camera. I will direct you really, really clearly so you will never be standing there wondering what the hell to do. I will be your one-woman hype team. I will get your flattering angles. I will catch natural smiles. 

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