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Wedding season - don't stress!

As we head into summer, undoubtedly your weekend calendar is booking up quickly with wedding invites, shower invites, stag or stagette commitments, the list goes on! Weddings can be quite an all-consuming ordeal, even for those that are mere guests, and let's not get started on the stress on the poor bride and groom.... As this season of wedding madness kicks off, don't forget to enjoy yourself if you are said bride or groom - this is about love and happiness, not about pleasing every aunt, uncle, acquaintance or family friend! To help you check at least one more thing off your massive checklist, here are some wedding photography things to keep in mind while you are planning and booking

- Choose a photographer whose style you love. This seems pretty obvious, but tons of people hire a photographer with a specific style, and ask them for something completely different - photography is a creative endeavor, so choose someone whose creativity and vision you dig

- wedding photography is pretty darn EXPENSIVE and you may feel that this is very unjust, but here is why: it is the MOST stressful and time-consuming and effortful of all event photography. We want your perfect day to be captured as perfectly as you would want it to be captured, and there are no second takes on first kisses! Having said that, there are lots of levels of involvement and experience you can choose from. If you are looking at saving some money, consider a photographer whose creativity you jive with, but who is looking to build their portfolio - they will gladly charge a little less to have that experience on their books. Another option is to consider cutting out portions of the day or night that aren't as important to you to capture (they may all be equally as important to you, but cutting out from dinner onwards is a definite option to consider, as no one needs pics of ppl eating, and the dancing and partying portion can get a little....sloppy. Consider having everyone keep their iphones handy and make a wedding hashtag so all their fun instagram photos from the night can be cached in one place for you to enjoy!)

- make a list of "essential photos" and sign a contract with your wedding photographer. You may be one of those really easy-going couples that says, I don't care, I just want photos of the day - whatever they are! But then, you get them back and you are super bummed that you didn't get a picture of your dad walking you down the aisle, or of you and your partner cutting the cake....

Here are some examples of essential photo ops that you may want:

Getting ready photos

- photos of the rings

- photos of the dress/shoes/invitation/welcome sign

- photos of the bride's dress getting zipped/laced by maid of honour or mom

- photos of groom/groomsmen getting ready (maybe cheersing with a scotch or having cigars)

- photos of the decor elements (flowers, bouquets, table settings, chapel/ceremony site/venue)

- ceremony elements: groom waiting for bride to walk down aisle/watching her walk, bride walking down aisle, parents of bride/groom at ceremony, B + G facing at alter, first kiss

- B + G and bridal party

- B + G alone

- B + G with family (each set of parents)

- the entrance of the B + G into the reception!

- toasting, family and guests candid

- first dances

- cake cutting

(it's not exhaustive, but it includes what most full-service wedding photographers would cover!)

- I'm going to level with you, do you NEED all these moments captured? No. If you are looking to pare it down/simplify, think about what your END point goal is out of the photos: do you want to print them? Make a photo book? Post an album on Facebook? Most people don't end up printing more than a few key moments, so unless you want to have everything printed/displayed, consider the fact that most of our photos sit in a folder on our computers and RARELY get looked at again. If that sounds like you, you might just want some key B + G shots, and some shots with family, bridesmaids/groomsmen and call it a day - this will save you lots of money:)

Good luck, and most of all, congratulations!

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